It's 1980. You turn on your radio and hear a song called 'One Day At A Time'. You check another station and there it is again. One more station and yes, there it's playing, too. In fact this song, this 'One Day At A Time', is playing everywhere up and down the dial. Country stations. Pop stations. Christian stations.

It's everywhere.

The inspirational song, written by country music Hall of Famer Kris Kristofferson and Marijohn Wilken, had already been a hit for Marilyn Sellars six years previous, but you can't keep a great song (and singer!) down.

'One Day At A Time' spent two weeks at #1 on the Country chart, and as mentioned became a huge hit in several different musical formats for Cristy.

But wait...who was Cristy Lane?

Well, the little girl who would become famous worldwide was Eleanor Johnston, born to a family of twelve in Peoria, Illinois. Married before she was 20 and a mother of three soon after, her husband heard her singing in the kitchen. Despite being painfully shy, she eventually garnered a spot on Chicago's WGN Barn Dance radio program in 1968 and, well, the rest is history. OK, maybe not all that easy, but you can read Cristy's full story at her website here.

But back to 'One Day At A Time'. Did you know that not only the song, but Cristy's biography of the same name was also a #1 best seller, with over a million copies sold...and still selling?

Cristy had other great songs ('Let Me Down Easy' actually introduced me to this great artist back in 1977) but it was 'One Day At A Time' that has kept Cristy's name in people's minds and hearts for decades.

So whatever happened to the great Cristy Lane?

Well, now at 79, Cristy is 'keeping on keeping on'! Get all the latest Cristy news at her official website and go ahead...every time you hear the great 'One Day At A Time' crank it up and sing along, we all do!