Do you remember enjoying a meal at Chi-Chi's?

Well, if you do you have a pretty good memory. There hasn't been a Chi-Chi's restaurant in the United States (or Canada) in over 15 years. But there was a day when it seemed like Chi-Chi's were everywhere.

Founded in 1975 in Richfield, Minnesota, things were going so well for Chi-Chi's that by 1995 there were 210 locations! People loved swinging into Ch-Chi's for some delicious food and a margarita. It was a favorite for stopping after work with friends and colleagues, maybe a little complaining about the boss and gossip. You know, just a fun time to relax.

Well, that was 1995. Nine years later they were gone, none in the U.S.

So, whatever happened to Chi-Chi's?

Well, Chi-Chi's filed for bankruptcy in 2003 and about a month or so later Chi-Chi's was hit with the largest hepatitis outbreak in U.S. history, with at least four deaths and 660 other victims of illness in the Pittsburgh area.

After settling lawsuits in 2004, there were just 65 restaurants left and then they went away, too.

But Chi-Chi's still lives, at least in a way. You can still purchase Chi-Chi's products such as a variety of salsa's. But as for the restaurants?

Well, we won't be stopping by Chi-Chi's for a margarita anymore.

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