I've always admired the great songwriters, the people who put the words into the mouths of the great artists who then turn them into magic. The legendary Conway Twitty was once asked about the secret of making a #1 song (and he should know, he had over 50 of them!). His reply? 'The song. It's all about the song'.

And that's why I've always admired a lady who's written songs recorded by people like Conway, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Alabama, Emmylou Harris, Glen Campbell and so many other of the world's greatest artist's.

Her name is Becky Hobbs. Just two examples of the songs she's written that you (and me!) have sung along with: Conway's great classic 'I Want To Know You before We make Love', and a song that has become an anthem, Alabama's 'Angels Among Us', co-written with the great Don Goodman.

But now on a personal note...In the 1980s there were two ladies that I thought were absolutely great. One was lacy J. Dalton. The other was Becky Hobbs.

I suppose I first heard Becky on her 1983 duet hit with Moe Bandy 'Let's get Over Them Together'. But it was the 1988 song 'Jones On The Jukebox' from her All Keyed Up album that cemented it for me! That's when I became a Becky Hobbs fan for life.

So whatever happened to Becky Hobbs?

Well according to her website the Bartlesville, Oklahoma native is alive and well and still performing (and I hope writing!) with what's called that great 'whiskey voice'.  An honored member of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, I would love to hear new Becky Hobbs music....and I know you would, too!

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