Thanksgiving gives anyone an excuse to eat as much as possible.  The only question is...what exactly will you be eating on Thanksgiving?

The traditional Thanksgiving meal includes such side options as stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cranberries.  The customary main course that everyone waits for at the table is the turkey.  But how many people eat the iconic bird as part of their Thanksgiving dinner?

Every year, I try to convince my family to cook a ham.  Don't get me wrong, I like turkey.  However, I enjoy the taste of ham.  Some people believe that turkey is the only meat that should be cooked on Thanksgiving.  Others might serve turkey along with another meat option, such as chicken.

Mark and I were curious, so we asked our listeners during the Morning Show if they eat turkey or ham on Thanksgiving.  Here are the results of the poll and what listeners had to say:

Turkey: 85

Ham: 42

"I usually go to my sister's house for Thanksgiving and she cooks both. But I prefer the Turkey."

"We always had ham as kids, but after I got married turkey is on the platter. My dad thought the turkey was dry."

"All of the above - and then some - at Famous Dave’s buffet!!!"

What will you serve on Thanksgiving Day?

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