Remember when Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken stirred the pot in the city just days before Thanksgiving? Sioux Falls residents had never been more divided.

Mayor TenHaken shared his opinion on one particular item that's part of the classic Thanksgiving dinner. The Mayor's controversial take is causing Sioux Falls residents to voice their opinions on the matter as well. Let's just say they weren't too happy with Mayor TenHaken.

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In all honesty, this "controversial" topic has nothing to do with city policies. Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken was just having fun on his social media accounts one evening. The lighthearted picture from Mayor TenHaken's Facebook post simply asked which Thanksgiving food he would eliminate. Based on nine foods that are included in the picture, Mayor TenHaken reveals to his city and Facebook followers that he could live without...the GRAVY! 

"Gravy. That’s right. The gravy," states Mayor TenHaken on his Facebook post. Naturally, residents and Mayor TenHaken's Facebook followers had thoughts on which food they would prefer not to have on Thanksgiving. Surprisingly, a lot of people seem to have said no mac and cheese and no green bean casserole! Mayor TenHaken fires back with this statement "Lots of mac-n-cheese haters here. And green bean casserole? It’s the fuel of the Midwest!"

Here are some other fun comments that were made on the Mayor's Facebook post:
Gravy?! Hate to say it, Paul, but this is the first time I have doubted your leadership!! It is so obviously the ham that has to go! Ham is for Christmas and Easter not Thanksgiving.
We can’t be friends!!! The gravy is it’s own food group! Mac n cheese needs to go! That’s not Thanksgiving food!
Wrong answer. It’s mac and cheese. That’s not a Thanksgiving food!
Turkey, get rid of the turkey. I’d rather have Mexican food!
I agree with the Mayor...I'm totally fine without the gravy. What Thanksgiving food would you be okay eliminating from your holiday menu?

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