Not asking you to change your plans but this is something you should know. Or maybe you are ahead of me on this.

Thursday's have become quite popular with events in Sioux Falls. From dining out to concerts, fundraisers to seminars and conventions.

Why? It should be obvious. Fridays and Saturdays in the most popular city in South Dakota are extremely busy. Kids events, friends and family coming to visit. The list is endless.

Well, my wife and I reversed our Friday plans to have dinner out on Thursday. We saw a posting for Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen in downtown Sioux Falls that they had retired their menu for one night for Circo Di Pasta. Jordan Taylor and Barry Putzke are dishing out some fabulous pasta dishes for one night. When Barry asked said they hope to follow this plan on a regular basis.

So after the pasta dinner we had learned of an open house at the Great Outdoor Store where there was food, bourbon samples and ax throwing. What the?

Yes we did!

Oh and there was Luke Combs at The District and a Broadway performance at the Washington Pavilion too.

Did we just stumble on a rare busy Thursday night in Sioux Falls or is this Third Thursday business that was introduced back in 2016 going to be a thing now?

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