Today is National Twin Day!  This particular national holiday happens every day at my house! As I have previously indicated on many occasions, I have a twin sister named Katie.  There's never a dull moment when you're a twin!  We think alike and look alike.  We even finish each other’s sentences.  Believe it or not, you may have a twin out there even though you may not have been born within one!

Ever heard of the word "doppelgänger?"  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a doppelgänger is "an apparition or double of a living person."  In other words, there is someone else in the world that looks like you.  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary states, "According to age-old German folklore, all living creatures have a spirit double who is invisible but identical to the living individual. These second selves are perceived as being distinct from ghosts (which appear only after death), and sometimes they are described as the spiritual opposite or negative of their human counterparts."

Keep your eyes wide open because apparently there’s a one in 135 chance that an individual has a doppelgänger!  I have encountered a few people who remind me of my former classmates and even some celebrities.   Who knows, maybe you'll discover that you have a doppelgänger or twin too!

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