They're everywhere, they're everywhere!

Video rental stores I mean. And Blockbuster Video stores in particular.

I remember the days of heading to a video rental store in Rapid City when my kids were young (they're not anymore, they could kick my rear end if they wanted to. Thankfully, they don't). We'd head on out and not only rent video's, we'd rent the video player as well. A 'top-load' beauty with a wire remote. Pretty high tech alright. Then we'd lug it all out to the car, me with the player and the kids with the videos. A handful, and by golly, remember to rewind them or there'd be an extra charge!

Ah, the good old days.

There seemed to be a Blockbuster on every corner. There wasn't, of course, but there was a bunch of them. And now, in the whole wide world, there's one. A single one.

The Associated Press is reporting that the 'last man standing' is in Bend, Oregon. The second-to-the-last one is in Perth, Australia and is slated to lock the doors later this month.Those two in Alaska closed their doors last July.

And then there will be one.

But the good news is, if you want to relive your Blockbuster memories, you don't have to fly halfway around the world. You can just hope into your Plymouth (I assume you had a Plymouth back in the day) and head west to Oregon.

So what happened to Blockbuster Video stores? Really, do you have to ask? Technology.

So the video store is being relegated to the dust bin of history, setting right there next to...well, name a store from your childhood and search around. It might be here, too.

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