Whether it's through an email or text, people have mixed thoughts about receiving one-word answers.  They aren't tricky to figure out; they are more annoying than anything.

Recently on the show, Mark talked about how 34% of the population thinks that sending one-worded answers through texting is rude.  I agree with him to an extent because it all depends on the content of the message.  For example, you could be confirming a time to meet with a friend or asking someone what they want for dinner.

Bolde released a story about different meanings behind one-word answers.  The Top 10 meanings of one-word answers include:

1. It Makes Me Think You Hate Me- This may seem true if someone is sending a paragraph in a message the only response is, "Cool" or "Great."  It just looks like you are mad at the other person sending the message.

2. It's Rude- You wouldn't say a one-word answer in-person so why say it over an email or text?

3. I'll Want To Assume You Want To End The Conversation- Some people who send one-word answers might be done talking to you.  If you can take a hint, then just stop the conversation.

To find out more reasons behind one-worded answers, check out the Bolde article. How do you feel about one-word answers?

Source: Bolde

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