Now through Saturday, (April 28) southwest Sioux Falls will be jam-packed full of bargain hunters as the 40th annual Kingswood Rummage sales get underway here in the Sioux Empire.

Any experienced rummager knows this is the largest rummage sale event of the year in this area. More than 350 homes will be open for business, ready to wheel and deal over the next four days. Which leads me to my next topic, rummage sale etiquette. Is there such a thing, evidently there is? According to KSFY TV here are the Do's and Don'ts for the 2018 Kingswood Sales.

If you're having a sale this year and you want it to be successful, here are the guidelines to follow: 

  • Price your items clearly.
  • Make sure you have adequate coins and cash on hand to make change when necessary.
  • Don't overprice items on your sale if you want them to move quickly.
  • Try not to rush customers out if they're at the sale a few minutes after you're closed. It may pay off in the end.
  • Have a place set up with a full-length mirror for shoppers looking at clothes.
  • Have easy to read signs posted around your neighborhood and at your sale to help shoppers locate all your booming bargains.

If you're a rummage sale shopper, here's what you need to know while out hunting for would-be bargains:

  • Don't show up before a sale is scheduled to start. (In other words, don't stalk a rummage sellers home!)
  • Carry adequate change. Don't just have large bills.
  • Leave your pets at home.
  • Don't ask to use a homeowner's bathroom. There are four porta potties provided by the Kingswood Rummage Sales committee in the primary Kingswood area.

Be advised that road construction will affect some of the Kingswood shopping area this year. The Tea Ellis Road which is the West boundary for the Kingswood Rummages will be closed for North/South travel during the 2018 event. Alternatives for North/South travel include either Sertoma Ave, Valley View Road, or Marion Road.

Below is a map of the primary Kingswood Rummage Sale area.









Source: KSFY TV

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