Some of the best ingredients and food items can be used to create extremely simple meals. For example..sandwiches are probably one of the top food items individuals eat on a daily basis, and they are relatively easy to make.

Stopping by a deli is a pretty common activity to execute during one’s day.  Deli fare is quick, easy, and more importantly delicious.  There are so many national deli options, but one might wonder where can the best delis be found in the state of South Dakota, especially in the Sioux Empire and in particular, Sioux Falls.

Between multiple Google Searches for "Best Deli in South Dakota," Yelp Reviews, and a recent article from Best Things South Dakota, I've been able to narrow down ten of the best local delis in South Dakota. My research shows that all the great deli options are located mainly in Sioux Falls.  Other towns that boast great delis include HartfordMitchell, and Pierre.

As I previously mentioned, my results are primarily based on local Yelp Reviews.  Let's see if you agree with the South Dakota delis on this list.

The Best Delis In South Dakota?

Sources: Best Things South DakotaYelp Reviews, Google Searches for "Delis in South Dakota," Hartford, and Mitchell

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