There's no shortage of unique and tasty restaurants in the Mount Rushmore State, but according to one recent survey, a very distinctive eatery reigns supreme when it comes to the most fun.

This South Dakota restaurant has a little bit of everything inside, including cribbage, live music, and over 48 beers on tap.

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According to the food and drink website, Eat This, a Rapid City, South Dakota restaurant is number one when it comes to fun.

Credit: South Dakota Video Tours via YouTube
Credit: South Dakota Video Tours via YouTube

The Wobbly Bobby in Rapid City is a British Themed Restaurant and Pub that has a one-of-a-kind menu, amazing beer selection, plenty of games to play at your table, and great live music.

Here's what Eat This had to say about the Wobbly Bobby:

Bring your game face to this pub. Diners at Wobbly Bobby can play a game of chess, cribbage, or a board game. Choose between rare scotches or one of the 48 beers on tap.

-Eat This Website

According to its website, is an Old World kind of pub:

The Wobbly Bobby is rooted in the tradition of public houses and snugs as a genial gathering place for convivial drinks. With chequerboard tables, ornate dark woods and traditional pub decor - locals and visitors alike can enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Nestled along a brick pathway in downtown Rapid City's Main Street Square, Wobbly Bobby is Rapid City's best-kept secret.

-Wobbly Bobby

To see what makes the Wobbly Bobby in Rapid City such a fun environment check out the YouTube video below.

Also, view the most run restaurant in each of the 50 states from Eat This, here.

Story Source: Eat This WebsiteWobbly Bobby Website


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