It's the first thing you'll notice when you enter the town of Hoven, South Dakota.  No doubt about it. There you are in Potter County, between Highway 12 and Highway 212 and you think to yourself 'Wow, now that thing goes up, up, up!'

That 'thing' is the gigantic twin-spire edifice of St. Anthony's Catholic Church.

Welcome to the Cathedral of the Prairie.

And welcome to Hove, one of South Dakota's Best 'Under A Grand'. According tot he 2010 census 406 friendly folks proudly call Hoven home. And while the Cathedral of the Prairie is certainly impressive, there's a lot more to impress you in Hoven.

Located in the Blue Blanket Valley, Hoven has been around for more than a good long while, having been incorporated in 1883. Now, the town got its name from either Matt or Peter Hoven. We'll let those boys fight it out over who gets the credit.

What takes center stage in Hoven? Well, as they like to say it's 'faith, family and farm'. But I'll bet once you've spent a little time in town, there's one more word you'd add.


If you're a hunter, you'll fall in love with this area. And if dropping a line is more your style,'s a short drive to the Missouri River! Of course there's camping facilities, a great playground for the kids to do what kids love to do, and all the amenities you need and want.

Oh, and the Cathedral. Check out a tour in the video below, and then take a 'real' tour when you visit Hoven.

A bit off the beaten path? Perhaps. But it's a path you'll be doggone glad you took. So go ahead and make Hoven a stop on your trip around South Dakota.

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