When you visit the great state of South Dakota, make sure you come through the 'front door'.

Uh...where is the front door?

Why it's just a couple miles south of Interstate 90 in the southeast part of the Sunshine state. Oh, some people don't call it the 'front door'. Nope. Most folks call it Valley Springs!

Just 15 minutes or so east of Sioux Falls, I'm pretty sure that both Iowa and Minnesota fought for Valley Springs back there when it was founded in the 1870s. But by golly, after a lengthy battle, South Dakota won! (Oh, by the way, that part about South Dakota winning a lengthy battle, I just made that up...sounds kinda cool, tho)

Over 750 residents proudly call Valley Springs home according to the 2010 census. And the Valley Springs website pretty well sums it up:

The convenient location from I-90 and Sioux Falls also provides an excellent opportunity for families and businesses to locate in Valley Springs. Currently, we have two residential developments and an industrial park with plans for expansion.

And not only a great place to settle down in (and it is!), its a fantastic place to visit, with playgrounds, picnic areas, parks and more. But don't just confine yourself to visiting one time. Once you stop in and find the friendliest people you'll ever meet, you'll want to come back.

And who knows, maybe make it your home, too.

So while Valley Springs is the 'Front Door To South Dakota', it's also one of the best in the state 'Under A Grand'.

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