It's a beautiful, clear blue warm summer day in South Dakota. There isn't a cloud in the sky, the winds (for a change!) are light...when you here it...


No, not thunder but rather Thunder Valley...Dragway!

via Del Whylie YouTube Image
via Del Whylie YouTube Image

Thousands of us have spent a weekend (or more) at Thunder Valley Dragway. But there may be some who would ask 'So, where is this Thunder Valley Dragway?' And the rest of us would answer 'Marion!'

But, well, that's not exactly right. Actually, the Dragway is located a few miles outside of Marion. So it would be a great idea to make that short jaunt into one of South Dakota's 'Best Under A Grand'.

784 of the friendliest people in South Dakota call Marion home. Now, Marion wasn't always called Marion. Nope. According to the city's history, it started out at Turner Junction, then became Marion Junction and finally...hey, lets make this easy and just go with 'Marion'.

And why is Marion a great place to call home? Well, for too many reasons to list here, but with a thriving business community and great recreational opportunities (swimming, fishing, hunting, a fantastic park for camping, beautiful golf course and soooo much more!), it's really no wonder Marion is one of South Dakota's best.

So on your South Dakota travels this summer (or anytime) take the short drive to Turner county just 30 minutes or so southwest of Sioux Falls.  You can sure watch the fun at Thunder Valley, but do yourself a huge favor: Stop on in for a cup of coffee or a cold drink and some warm conversation with the folks that make up one of South Dakota's 'Best Under A Grand'...Marion!

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