It seems like almost every town in the state of South Dakota (and probably a lot of other places) got their start one of two ways.

1) The railroad (about 95% of the state)

or 2) Gold (Yep, up there in them thar Hills)

But one of South Dakota's best and friendliest towns with a population 'Under A Grand' didn't get its start because of either of those two. Nope.

It was a creamery.

A guy by the name of E. J. Colton started a creamery in what is now the great town of Colton back in 1897. And before you knew it...Poof!...other businesses started popping up around that creamery and pretty soon what you had was a Main Street!

Then he fired up a newspaper (by the way, one of his partners was a fella named Dave Crooks...yep the namesake of Crooks, another fine town just a bit down the road) and the rest, as they say, is history...Colton history.

But why in the world would you want to visit Colton, South Dakota?

Oh, let me count the reasons why!

If you're looking to spend some time away from the hectic pace and demands of one of those 'big cities', well how about a beautiful city park and pool to start things off. And if you decide to stay a while (and I'm thinkin' you will) you'll want to enjoy the low crime, family friendly neighborhoods, quality schools, enthusiastic youth groups and over 680 of the friendliest people you'll ever get to know. Heck, just visit their website and browse around and you'll see what I mean.

And for goodness sakes don't miss Colton Jubilee Days, you'll have what I like to call a 'Hoot of a Time'!

Plus, if you still like to take advantage of what a 'big city' has to offer, we're located just 20 minutes or so northwest of Sioux Falls.

Yessir, that and a whole lot more is what makes Colton one of South Dakota's best 'Under A Grand'.

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