It's the small towns that make South Dakota the greatest state in the nation, those communities with a population Under A Grand. You want a great example?

Welcome to Highmore.

With 795 friendly folks to welcome you, make Highmore a stop on your next trip from here-to-there in the Sunshine State. Just 48 miles or so east of Pierre, it's the county seat for Hyde County.

And once upon a time, there were two Highmore's. That's right, there was double the fun!

It was 1882 was Highmore 'came to be' and 2 fella's plotted out land that included a main street...kind of like 'One here and One there'. Businesses quickly sprung up on oe of them and before long they were connected. You can get the whole story here.

So, about the name...and no, this is one community that isn't named after someone connected to the railroad (there are lots of South Dakota towns that are). No sir, 'Highmore' is 'Highmore' because,'s high. That's right, it was named for it's 'lofty elevation'.

But enough about the beginnings, what about today?

Highmore has always been a thriving community with a well balanced business district, a volunteer fire department, a progressive school system, a nursing home, a clinic, and housing for the elderly.

So with two main commercial streets and some of the finest fishing and hunting in a state that's well known for fishing and hunting, go ahead and put Highmore on your South Dakota places to visit bucket list.

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