The Democratic candidate for South Dakota in the U.S. Senate says that the money he has allotted for his campaign relates to the problem of money in politics.

Jay Williams, of Yankton, is running against Senator John Thune, who is seeking his third term. Williams has just under $6,000 in his campaign fund, while Senator Thune has over $11 million.

“I think that too much money is a vice,” said Williams. “Having $11 million in a campaign in a state that has less than a million people is an awful lot of money for a campaign out here.”

Williams says Thune's high dollars shows just how much money plays a role in political campaigns.

“Money is jumping in there, and we are in danger of electing nothing but oligarchs,” said Williams

Williams says that he is raising more money, but has no chance of coming close to Thune’s $11 million.

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