Election season is upon us in the state of South Dakota. Many state and nationwide leaders from South Dakota have launched their campaigns for the upcoming election However, there is one notable member of the Republican Party missing from this prominent group of individuals.

Surprisingly, South Dakota Senator John Thune has remained silent regarding his re-election campaign. He has yet to issue a statement about the election. Why the delay from the senator? Apparently, Senator John Thune is strongly considering retiring.

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Our news partners at Dakota News Now are reporting that Senator Thune planned to announce his reelection campaign over the holidays. As of right now, there is no indication that Senator John Thune has made a decision in regards to his political future.

Dakota News Now states, "Thune has held his Senate seat for three terms and wields power as the second-ranking Republican in Senate leadership." If Senator John Thune does close his pen cap on his political journey, then there could be some huge changes within the Republican Party.  Dakota News Now explains that Senator Thune's retirement may have some consequences; "it could upend national Republican politics and create a scramble within the South Dakota GOP to fill the void."

I'll never forget when I first met Senator John Thune. In fact, I even interviewed him that day.

Senator John Thune
Senator John Thune

As a young reporter, Senator John Thune had an inviting presence and helped ease any nerves I was experiencing. He made sure I received a warm South Dakota welcome! I have been fortunate to have interviewed Senator Thune on numerous occasions after that first encounter.

As a reminder, don't forget to vote on Tuesday, April 12th! This is your time to exercise your voice and have a say in our city's government.

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