South Dakota Senator John Thune has come back to South Dakota after a recent visit to the Mexican border according to Dakota News Now.

“The border crisis is spinning out of control. There are literally new records being set every day for the thousands of people that are coming across illegally,” Thune said.“It’s not healthy. There’s a lot of COVID there and a lot of folks with COVID are being allowed to come into the country so it also creates a public health crisis,” Thune said- Dakota News Now.

Immigrants who are crossing the border daily are now creating issues within the facilities that are not designed to hold as many as 5,000 immigrants who are attempting to cross the border daily.

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This issue at the border is not only encouraging an increase in criminal activity with the transportation of drugs entering the country; but also with the spread of Coronavirus as well.

Some of these drugs that are entering the country because of the border crisis are meth, heroin, and fentanyl.

The South Dakota senator says that the current crisis at the border is due to the change in administration.

“When president Biden took office he changed a bunch of immigration policies of the previous administration and that sent a signal, it was a green light and people are coming like crazy across the border,” Thune said.

Senator John Thune is saying that United States citizens should contact their state's elected officials about their concerns in regards to the border crisis.

Source: Dakota News Now

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