South Dakota’s death penalty is here to stay. A move to ban executions in the state was shot down in Pierre.

Wednesday, the Senate State Affairs Committee took testimony on Senate Bill 121, which aimed to replace capital punishment with a life prison sentence without the possibility of parole.

Senators, prosecutors and parents were just a few of the people the Senate state affairs committee in Pierre took testimony from — all coming to the table with personal experience or a connection to the death penalty.

Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota Bishop John Tarrant says as a citizen, it's concerning to give power to the government to kill it citizens.

But South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley disagrees. He says in some cases, capital punishment can be the best option.

After two hours of testimony and rebuttals from both sides, those wanting to repeal the death penalty were unsuccessful in swaying lawmakers.

This isn't the first time efforts have been made to repeal the death penalty. Last year, the legislature rejected a similar proposal.

To find out what people debating the death penalty said during the hearing, read London Swan's complete story.

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