The first wave of the COVID-19 vaccine is beginning to roll-out across the country.

Front-line workers are the first people designated to get the vaccine at this time, with a scheduled release to the rest of the public planned for weeks and months ahead.

Once the vaccine becomes readily available to the public, experts predict scammers will get back to work with another wave of COVID related scams.

Dakota News Now reports, after the pandemic began to spike across the country, scammers began to come up with scams centered around fake testing kits and fake treatments.

Now many fear the next generation of COVID scams will focus on the vaccine itself.

Jesse Schmidt, Director of the South Dakota Better Business Bureau told Dakota News Now, spoofing software can easily be used to make it look like you're receiving a phone call from Medicare or Medicaid. Schmidt says, " They will not call you, and if anyone calls you saying that you need to take immediate action, and you can’t hang-up the telephone you know that’s not the case either.”

Should you have any questions regarding the roll-out of the vaccine, Schmidt recommends you call your primary care physician or check with your local health department's official website.

Once again, if you ever receive a call from a potential scammer, the best course of action to take is to immediately hang up and contact the Better Business Bureau scam tracker or your local authorities.

Source: Dakota News Now

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