The normally clean, green, and serene little soccer field at the corner of 57th and Western is usually picture perfect nestled along the historic railroad bridge. But not today. Thanks to the nearly 6 1/2 inches of rain the Sioux Empire has received in the last few days it is now a lake - and the centerpiece is a porta potty.

Even if you really have to go, you might want to pass on this one. No word yet on when this spiffy little biffy will be ready for use.

As this picture was being taken, the city released a press release reminding residents not to empty their sump pumps into the sewer system. They are also asking residents to limit water usage in their homes through Saturday evening so the sanitary sewer systems can catch up.

The temperature is nearly 20 degrees cooler than yesterday, so it appears Autumn arrived a day early. Fall officially begins Saturday, September 22.


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