Parts of South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota experienced record-breaking rainfall and flooding last week, including Sioux Falls.

Officials were forced to close roads, numerous homes flooded, farmlands underwater, and towns were damaged across southeastern South Dakota, southwestern Minnesota, and northwestern Iowa. The aerial footage of this devastation is absolutely shocking.

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Parks around Sioux Falls experienced significant flooding thanks to the 6+ inches of rain. Some Sioux Falls residents wanted to investigate the flood waters with awesome drone footage.

Brian Skyberg of captured Yankton Trail Park, Legacy Park near 12th Street and Sertoma Avenue, and Pasley Park near the Big Sioux River. 

It's wild to think that just a few weeks ago, soccer players and their families traveled to Sioux Falls nationwide to play in the President's Cup Tournament at Yankton Trail Park. Now you can barely see the soccer fields.

There is a great bridge to walk over at Legacy Park. But seeing the bridge submerged by water shows you how high the water was.

Baseball fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas surround Pasley Park in Sioux Falls. Kids might have to wait slightly longer to swing over to the field.

Thank you to Brian Skyberg for allowing me to share his fantastic aerial footage and photos of the Sioux Falls flood. There are more photos to see of the Sioux Falls flood from Brian. Click here to see more.

If you're still cleaning up from the flood, we're thinking of you during this tough time. My own family has been in this position and it's not a good feeling. Please remember to be safe!

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