The last month and a half have been rough on everyone. But if you look close enough, there are some silver linings to being stuck in quarantine. Here are a few that I've noticed in recent weeks.



I've been cleaning a lot more now. Being stuck at home has a way of holding you accountable, and let's face it, there's a lot less to do now, so I may as well be productive.


I can honestly say I've gotten better at cooking. Before the pandemic, I wasn't very risky when it came to cooking. Sure, I had my favorites I always made but now I'm much more adventurous with my cooking. I'm trying new things and would have never gotten this good had I not been stuck in quarantine.

Sleep has never come easy to me. I'm a light sleeper and haven't been able to take a proper nap since I was a kid. These days I'm sleeping a lot more and have even caught a few winks during the day, once or twice.

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Checking in with family and friends has become a regular occurrence as of late. I wish I could say that was true before the pandemic, but sometimes you lose track of people when you're in the daily grind. Lately, I've been having long phone conversations, video chats, sharing emails, and catching up on social media with family and friends I haven't spoken to in a while.

Being in a quarantine makes you realize what matters most in life. If there's any silver lining of this entire experience, it's just that.

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