I don't make New Years resolutions. Oh I used to, but I found I only kept them for 24-36 hours maximum. Some only lasted about 10 minutes. So rather than being disappointed, I just don't make them anymore. But I do have a few for you that would make my life a little better. And don't we all want that? So then, here we go:

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    The Mall Will Still Be Open

    Resolve that you will NOT be that third or fourth car squeezing through the yellow/red light at 41st and Louise. Don't stress, the Mall will still be open when you get there and I'll bet that video game or electronic devise or article of clothing will still be there too! In the meantime, those of us that are waiting to turn so we can get to Chili's for some healthy food have to wait. That's not the horn honking, that's my stomach growling.

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    Turn The Music Down Just A Wee Bit

    When we're sitting, our cars idling side-by-side at the stop light, could you maybe turn down your audio just a little...not a lot, I'm not saying that, but maybe just a wee bit? My old bones shouldn't be rattling like this in my old age and unless I recognize Merle Haggard or Willie Nelson singing, it's probably best for my health (physical and mental) if you just tweak that bass a little. That way we can both enjoy the music together and smile back and forth!

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    Non-Emergency In The Salad Bar Line

    I know emergencies come up from time to time. But if we're standing in line at the salad bar with a plate and utensils in our hands, do you really need to text too? Now wait a minute, if you're Dad (or Grandpa) is having a medical emergency just at that exact moment, go ahead...not only text, but give them a call! My goodness, it's life or death and it's family! But if it's your friend texting you that he or she likes...well, he or she...maybe that can wait while the rest of us load up on cold peas, lettuce and jello. Seriously, jello can't wait while we find out if Bobby really does like Suzie or not.

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    OK, One More...

    Can you take that phone call outside the restaurant? I know it is soooo cool that we all have phones, devices, pads and pods and screens and whatever, but I'm trying to put some heart-healthy gravy on my french fries and all I can hear is what a lame gift your Grandpa gave you this year (and by the way, a baseball glove is NOT a lame gift!). Maybe you can step outside or call back later. I should be done with the gravy and fries in about 15 minutes.

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