A beloved Sioux Falls food truck has stopped all operations permanently without warning or reason.

After serving Sioux Falls food truck lovers for three years, Tacos de Gringo has closed. But why did Tacos de Gringo suddenly close midway through the tasty Sioux Falls food truck season? 

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In a heartfelt Facebook post to its followers and foodies, Tacos de Gringo sent a shocking message on Thursday, July 4th saying they are closing the food truck with "heavy hearts."

We thank each and every one of our customers and community for all the love and support we have been shown throughout the years.

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If any Sioux Falls Area residents or businesses booked Tacos de Gringo for an upcoming event, owners say they will be calling for possible replacements. In a previous Facebook post on June 28th, owners of Tacos de Gringo say all their upcoming dates were "cancelled until further notice."

This delicious Sioux Falls food truck was known for being at parking lots, events and festivals in the area, and booking visits to breweries and other businesses throughout the Sioux Empire. Not only did they serve tacos, but Tacos de Gringo also created burritos, taco salads, and nachos.

Tacos de Gringo did a lot of work for the community, including traveling to Rock Valley, Iowa to help flood victims with food and essential supplies.

There still isn't a clear reason why Tacos de Gringo shut down the business. But I know Sioux Falls foodies will miss the yummy food and the friendly company.

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