I can honestly say that I've spent more time with my cat in the past few months, than the previous 10 years I've had her. I'm pretty sure she's okay with it, as it means extra attention, and, let's be honest, extra food too. But she's not the only pet whose life has changed since the pandemic hit.

Many pets are used to being home alone for large parts of the day. Seeing their owners at home more often is definitely a big change in their routine. The need for Dog Walkers/ Dog Sitters has declined, as most people are able to take care of that themselves at the moment. Even the Grooming businesses have been closed, which means some people are clipping their cat's nails and brushing their dogs for the very first time!

Another bright spot? Animal shelters across the United States are emptying in record numbers. As people become more and more isolated from others, the need for companionship seems to be a driving factor in the rise in pet adoption in this country.

Locally, many area shelters have adapted to the state guidelines by offering "Curbside Adoptions". The Sioux Falls Humane society has had an overwhelming amount of support for the program. If a person is interested, they must first fill out an application, then wait for a phone call to set up an appointment.

Andy Gott: TSM
Andy Gott: TSM

Pets have always been a source of friendship and companionship for people. The pandemic has only reinforced just how much our furry friends mean to us. But, boy are they gonna be bummed out when things get back to normal, am I right?

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