Disclaimer: Sanitation workers work especially hard to keep cities clean, particularly in Sioux Falls. This is just a personal, friendly suggestion to adjust their pick-up times. 

When you work early in the morning like me, sleeping in is truly a gift. You cherish every minute of that sleep. It's pretty peaceful until a loud noise disturbs your slumber. What could that noise be? For me, it's the roaring sound of garbage trucks extremely early on a Saturday morning.

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For the record: The waste haulers across the City of Sioux Falls do a great job keeping our city clean. Sanitation workers don't always receive a lot of well-deserved credit for the tireless work they do. However, I don't think that work needs to happen starting at 5:30 on a Saturday morning.

You would think there is some sort of noise ordinance to address this concern. Well, you're in luck! The City of Sioux Falls does have a city ordinance in place to address any loud noise complaints including garbage trucks.

According to the City of Sioux Falls, any noise complaint has to be filed through the city's Health Department. In fact, there is a city ordinance that explains the quiet hours throughout the city.  In the residential areas of Sioux Falls, curfew hours begin at 10:30 PM and continue until 6:00 AM. Loud noises that are not acceptable between these hours include those coming from car horns, whistles, motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, and snowmobiles.

There are some exceptions to this city ordinance. Any safety signals, warning devices, and emergency vehicles do not need any type of permit. Certain noises occurring after 10:30 PM require a permit including those noises and loud sounds generated from concerts or racing events.

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