Republicans don't like Democrats. Democrats don't like Republicans. Heck, Republicans don't even like Republicans and Democrats don't even like Democrats.

Somewhere along the way, the 'Washington Train' went off the rails. Party is more important than Country.

'I can't support that or I won't get re-elected'

'That's too much taxes and not enough cutting.

'That's too much cutting and not enough taxes.

And round and round and round we go.

Time for a solution I know everyone can support. Ready? Here we go.

First of all, we have a part-time Congress. I mean both the House and the Senate. If you look at the total days in session each year now, they're part-time anyway. We just make it official. They would meet in Washington for 4 weeks in February and 4 weeks in October. That's it. Heck, if that's too long, they could just come home early.

And I'm not talking about being a cheapskate here either, no sirree.

The pay would be great! The members of the House of Representatives would each receive 150% of their districts citizen average wage. That's right, a part-time job that pays 150% of what their constituent's make for a full-time job back home! Not bad! So, let's say the average South Dakotan makes $40,000 a year (that might be generous). Well, the Congress Person would make $60,00 a year...and that's for a part-time job! Who wouldn't jump at that!

The Senate? Even better! Since the Senate is a bigger-shot job than a Representative, they would get 200% of their state's average full-time wage earner. So, again, if the average South Dakotan pulls is $40,000 a year, they'd get $80,000 for their part-time job. Wow!

And they could even give themselves a raise, just be doing their job, by doing things to help their nation, their state and their district increase their pay. If the average earner goes to, say, $42,000 next year....BINGO!...the Representative and Senator get an automatic raise!

But you're saying "That's crazy! Paying that much for a part-time job??"

Oh, it gets crazier. I'd give them all free transportation to and from Washington. Plus, we would build a really, really nice apartment building in Washington where they could all stay rent free! And they'd all get a generous allowance for 3 good square meals a day.

Sounds like a dream job? Hold on, it gets better.

Health care? Yep, it's fact, they would get the same exact health care that the average person in their district or state has, except their deductible would only be half of what the average person's is....and they'd only pay exactly what that average person pays. It's what's called a Sweetheart deal!

So, in summary, they would get paid way more than the average person they represent, while only working part-time, which would give them plenty of time to even have another great job back here at home. But I'm sure most wouldn't want another great job back home, heck, they already are doin' better than us!

And the best part? They'd only have that month early in the year and that month late in the year to get things done. No wasting time having to worry about lobbyists, special interest groups, super-pacs and all those other bothersome things that get in the way of progress and bipartisonship.

This is perfect, right? Who could turn down a deal like that?

What's that you ask? What about term limits?

Oh, I don't think we'd have to worry about term limits.

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