You got a new dog? Congratulations! Get ready for moments of frustration and years of joy as you settle in with your new furry bestie. But what shall we name the pooch? Let's see...

Go for a unique name. "C'mere, Bob!" is just kinda weird. And the names listed below are the most popular dog names in the world this year. suggests a name that ends in a vowel, but never more than 2 syllables. And don't choose a name that might get confused with basic commands - anything that rhymes with "sit", "stay", or "come."

So, what are people naming their dogs this year? The Dog People, powered by, surveyed over 1 million dog owners to find out what the most pupular, er... uh, popular dog names in 2021.

This year's most popular female dog names are:

  1. Bella
  2. Luna
  3. Lucy
  4. Daisy
  5. Zoe
  6. Lily
  7. Lola
  8. Bailey
  9. Stella
  10. Molly

This year's most popular male dog names are:

  1. Max
  2. Charlie
  3. Cooper
  4. Buddy
  5. Milo
  6. Bear
  7. Rocky
  8. Duke
  9. Tucker
  10. Jack

Side note: The St. Bernards in the photo are in our family. Gracie and Samson get along fine and are great protectors, companions, and love our children - and me sometimes :)

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