• Seems to me someone needs to clean ditches for awhile! 
  • I don’t understand how people can think this kind of behavior is ok...wth is wrong with people!!?? Hope you find the person.
  • Any fingerprints on the water bottles?
  • Pigs!
  • Whoever is responsible should pay a fine and get a mandatory 2 years' worth of ditch cleaning.
  • Wow. Are you kidding? He can’t pay the $20 bucks. Catch him, Sheriff!
  • Living on a gravel road between Sioux Falls and the landfill, I see this crap way too often. We usually pick up our ditches to keep them clean and nice, but the tire bill gets expensive! I wish the punishment for this crime would be 10 years of ditch cleaning! #PeopleSuck

It appears there is insulation, a rogue pink sock, and wooden planks among the debris.

The Sheriff says, "Let's get this person in front of a judge." Good idea.

Do you recognize this pile of trash and help provide clues? There could be a reward with Crimestoppers by calling 367-7007.

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