I don't mean to sound over cautious, but believe it or not, their are crooks out there who really know what they are doing.

They will search out what homes have what available inside based on the after Christmas trash. Then target those homes for burglary.

Please don't get your residence on their lists. Don't be a target. Conceal the picture of your new flat screen on the empty box and so on. Do what you have to by cutting up the boxes as so your not showing any details of what you got. A few extra minutes with a box cutter is the safe play.

It's hard to believe that there are criminals that do such things. But, they are in fact out there. We even had a report of a robbery in Sioux Falls on Christmas Day.

Can you imagine that anyone could be that low and despicable to do something like that? There should be a special harsh penalty handed down to anyone who breaks the law on Jesus' birthday! I believe those crooks will ultimately find out there is the harshest of all penalties awaiting them!

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