Police have found a number of stolen items, but not their suspect after an 11 hour stand-off at a Crooks storage unit. 41-year-old Micah Buum, is sought in connection with storage unit thefts in the county.

It was a lengthy investigation that brought multiple agencies out, but the investigation is far from over. Police, Minnehaha County Sheriff and the Swat team were on location, based on tips that Buum was squatting in one of the units and the assumption that Buum was still in one of Larry's I-29 Storage units as they waited outside.  Once they entered the unit on Thursday May 19, 2016, stolen items were inside but Buum was not.

Police believe Bumm is armed.  If you see him, do not approach him and call police.

Micah Buum is already listed on Minnehaha County's most wanted for a bond violation, DWI and burglary.

Sydney Kern from KDLT News reports that the stolen items in his unit may have been taken over a long-period of time and could be connected with multiple burglaries.  Police say the next step is to do inventory on all the stolen items and hope that information on Micah Buum’s whereabouts come forward.

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