A person collects a lot of things in his or her time on the planet. Some call it treasures. Some call it trash. Whatever you call it, it's a lot of stuff.

So you're going through your 'stuff' and you're thinking 'Ah, all of this will be the kids someday'. It's a warm and fuzzy thought, knowing that all your personal valuables will carry on in the family once you've gone on to the great beyond.

But, ah...what if the kids don't want it?

As it turns out, that really super cool 'Light My Fire' cigarette lighter from 1976 that almost still works isn't something the children will be fighting over. Valuable to you? Yes, the memories it brings are priceless! To them? Uh, what is this piece of junk?

Forbes has an article about the 10 things that your kids aren't going to want in the days and weeks after you've journeyed off to your reward.

And Number One of their list is something I have a lot of. I mean, a lot.

Books. Turns out my kids and grandkids may not be as enamored with the 1920 presidential election or the 1850s in America as I am. They may not be excited to get the gazillion Steven King paperbacks I have or the Dean Koontz books stacked up over there, some of which still have the cover on them.

Another thing they may not jump for joy to get is that big box of old greeting cards. Their eyes won't light up when they peruse the Valentine's card from your spouse in 1987, or that Christmas card you kept from your cousin Harold in 1979. Pretty neat to you. To them? Who the heck is Harold?

And there's more, like that nifty piece of furniture you love and they....well, won't. Check out the list here and see what you think.

And I don't know...I still hate to think the kids won't want that little glass football with cheap cologne in it. After all, it's from the '70s!

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