OK, I'll say this right up front here: I'm a little biased. Well, maybe more than a little biased.

I used to go to the grocery store in Leota, Minnesota a lot when I was a little kid. Growing up just a mile away, Leota was the home of my school, my church, my friends...it was my town.

Back in those 'old days' the Leota Grocery store essentially meant two things, it's where Mom and Sophie Beckering would share news (OK, maybe gossip) by the cash register as Mom got her milk, breakfast cereal, and a few other things. And, more importantly, where I got my baseball cards and pop!

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Minnesota's Best Hot Dog

I guess I kind of thought that store was a secret known only to those of us who grew up there (and by the way, there was no better place to grow up). And then not long ago I found out that the entire state of Minnesota knows about the place!

I'm not sure how it was all done, but WCCO TV in the big Twin Towns named V&M Grocery and Locker in Leota as the home of Minnesota's best Hot Dog. Now, that doesn't surprise me, but well...it surprised me.

I'm not surprised they have the best, I'm just happy that now everyone else knows.

And on a personal note the Verlyn they talk about, the owner of the store and locker along with his family? I grew up with Verlyn, we pert near graduated together (he's a year older than me). I don't know his kids real well, but I knew his daddy Art and the rest of his family 'back then'. And I can tell you, in addition to having the best 'dog, this is a fine family as well.

So make the short trip to Leota, Minnesota, say 'Hi' to the folks around there and enjoy the best Hot Dog you'll ever have!

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