Everybody's been hearing about a possible change coming at 6:00 AM on Monday morning (August 7). Well, the change has hit, and it's a big one!

This is the biggest thing to happen at KXRB radio station since it first signed on the air in 1969.

The radio station has moved from the 1000 AM frequency, to 1140 AM. And that's not all.

It is also on the FM dial at the same time. You will hear KXRB on 100.1 FM at the same time.

Nothing about the radio station has changed other than the new locations on the dial. The music is exactly the same and so are the announcers.

Just remember to switch your radio setting to either 1140 AM or 100.1 FM to start your day with Mark Tassler in the morning, on "South Dakota's Country Leader, 1140 AM KXRB and 100.1 KXRB FM".

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