Country Comedy history is filled with legendary names, names that, when you think of country music, they immediately spring to mind.  Minnie PearlJunior Samples.  Speck Rhodes.

Howard Clower is not one of those names.

But Jerry Clower is!

He was often called the 'Mouth of Mississippi', and if you ever had the opportunity to see Jerry, either in person or on television, well...make yourself comfortable.  There's a stroy comin'!

So often Jerry would bring us along with him to Yazoo City, Mississippi, and then the fun would begin.  How popular was Jerry Clower?

Well, he released 27 full length albums, and one of those 'Jerry Clower From Yazoo City, Mississippi' spent 30 weeks in the Top Twenty country charts!

So whatever happened to this great (and hilarious) story teller?

Jerry passed away in 1998 following heart bypass surgery at the age of 71.  And you just know...there's a lot of out-loud laughing going on in heaven right now!



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