Believe it or not, high school seniors are already deciding what college they would like to attend to continue their education. The “early decision" application deadline for many colleges and universities is Tuesday, November 1st.

It's not easy for high school seniors to find a new place to call home for the next four years of their lives. However, our friends at WalletHub might make this choice just a little bit easier for students. They just released the 2023's Best College & University Rankings which includes a list of South Dakota colleges and universities.

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Thanks to WalletHub's research, the school identified as the best college or university in South Dakota is still located right here in Sioux Falls. This institution was also named the best college or university by WalletHub last year.

WalletHub's results were based on an institution's "Student Selectivity, Cost & Financing and Career Outcomes. The data set ranges from student-faculty ratio to graduation rate to post-attendance median salary." The state of South Dakota is lucky enough to boast colleges and universities which allow students to be close to home yet far away enough to explore their futures.

Based on WalletHub's findings, study shows that Augustana University in Sioux Falls is the best higher education institution in the state. Augustana University is the only university from Sioux Falls that made this year's list.

1. Augustana University5. Dakota State University
2. Dakota Wesleyan University6. Northern State University
3. University of South Dakota7. Black Hills State University
4. South Dakota State University

Last year, the University of Sioux Falls earned the fourth spot in the 2022’s Best College & University Rankings in South Dakota from WalletHub.

So why is Augustana University ranked number one? They have the top Admission Rate and best Student-Faculty ratio in the state. They also have the highest Graduation Rate in South Dakota.

You can view how other colleges and universities across the country were ranked by clicking here.

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