Taking a snooze in your car might be tempting sometimes, but depending on what state you're in, it can also very illegal. But is South Dakota one of them?

Federally, sleeping in your car isn't a crime, but in several states and municipalities, it most definitely is. Even taking a quick nap at a rest stop can cause you trouble in a handful of states.

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So, is it, in fact, illegal to sleep in your car in the state of South Dakota?

Credit: Lechon Kirb via Unsplash
Credit: Lechon Kirb via Unsplash

The answer is a resounding no. However, according to The Road Trip Expert, different areas can have different ordinances, so it's always important to:

  • Check For Signs
  • Stay Off Highways and Busy Roads
  • Avoid Residential Areas
  • Avoid Private Property

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It's also important to know where you can sleep at highway rest stops, and according to frugal RV travel, these are the states in which, snoozing at rest stops is allowed:

Connecticut - only on Illinois Toll Road
Indiana - only on Indiana Toll Road
New Mexico
New York - emergencies only
Ohio - only on Ohio Turnpike
Oregon - 14-hour limit
Wyoming - with some limitations

For a wider look at which states allow sleeping in vehicles and which don't, check out the links below the article.

Story Source: Trip Advisor

Story Source: KXRB

Story Source: The Road Trip Expert


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