What do you suppose would happen if your employer made you work only four days a week - but yet paid you for five? I would say, "Where do I sign up?"

A company in New Zealand recently did that, and the results that came back surprised even the top-brass.

The owner of Perpetual Guardian, a New Zealand company with 240 employees that handles wills and trusts, decided to experiment with the four-day-workweek.

The company stayed open five days a week, but the people who worked there were offered either Friday or Monday off.

After two months, they realized that workers were less stressed, less concerned about family issues, and felt stronger in terms of leadership, commitment and stimulation.

And as for productivity - in most cases it stayed the same and even went up in some areas.

The four-day workweek was such a success, management is now looking to implement it on a full-time basis.

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