From the discovery of two men shot in northwest Sioux Falls to the arrest of Manuel Jesus Frias, the search for a man lead authorities following up on many tips. One of those tips lead to South Sioux City, Nebraska and a stand off that lead to the surrender and arrest of Frias.

South Sioux City Police Chief Ed Mahon says the U.S. Marshals Service notified his department around 6:30 PM that Manuel Frias was in a South Sioux City home near East 20th and B Streets.

Mahon says the joint Dakota County South Sioux Police SERT Team was deployed to the scene shortly after 9:00 PM on Tuesday January 16th. In an attempt to develop communication with Frias, police threw a phone through a broken window.  At that time, a 10 year old, who was known to be in the residence by authorities, ran out of the home and into the safety of the police. It is not known what the relationship was between Frias and the boy. Frias was not armed and was taken into custody just before 10:00 PM.

South Dakota authorities say Frias is wanted in the January 5th shooting deaths of Samuel Crockett,28, and Corey Zephier,30, in Sioux Falls at an apartment in the 700 block of west Rice Street. He is being held on a 1 million cash bond, and facing 1st and 2nd degree murder charges and 4 counts of Manslaughter.  The next court date Feb 13th 10:00 AM.

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