Bobby Bare has had what I would call a 'Wow!' career.

Bobby has won multiple Grammy's and has had some of the most recognized songs in the history of Country Music, notably 'Detroit City' and '500 Miles (Away From Home)'.

His career has spanned over six decades and he still records and releases new songs.  In fact, he played here in Sioux Falls in recent years.

I first met Bobby back in the mid 1970's when he did a show in Winner, S.D. (And yes, it was at the time he had the hit 'The Winner' on the charts!).

Bobby also had a very successful television show on TNN where he interviewed the greatest songwriters in country music.  Bobby has always held a special place in his heart for the writers.

Bobby took his rightful place in the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2013.

But here's something you may not have known, to me an amazing fact:

Bobby Bare only had one Number One hit in his career!

Yep, with all those great classics, like the two mentioned above and all the rest, Bobby had just a single #1 single! Let's give it a listen below and travel back to 1974 with the Shel Silverstein penned classic about that Voodoo Queen down in Louisiana....


That song was on what I consider the best Country Music Album ever, 'Lullabys, Legends and Lies'.  It also included 'The Winner' and 'Daddy, What If' with Bobby Bare Jr. But for a real 'slice of life', give a listen to 'Rosalie's Good Eats Cafe'.

But it was 'Marie Laveau' that was this great artist's only chart topper.



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