I saw some posts going around Facebook where people were listing the albums that had the greatest influence on them. That got me to thinking, always a dangerous thing.

I've always loved the songwriters, at least through my adult life. I admire the word stringers, and often they're the brilliance behind the stars. I was in High School when somehow I stumbled upon Kris Kristofferson's debut album. And ever since then, things have been different for me.

I've done some writing through the years. I wrote a One-Man play called 'Confessions Of An Ordinary Man' that I performed a hundred times or so around the region. My songwriting partner Terry Pospisil & I have done some writing through the years. In fact Terry released a new album 'Rainbows & Wreckage' not long ago that features all songs that he and I wrote. I'm the lyrics guy, he's the wonderful music/singer. I have more songs/essays/verse/ poems and pieces lying around than I care to admit.

And essentially, for me, it all started when I first heard 'Kristofferson' all those years ago in High School. Everything I've written since then goes directly back to when I put that album on my parents stereo. I was hooked.

I bought everything by Kris after that, as each album came out. (A side note: 'The Silver Tongued Devil and I', his second album, is every bit as good as the first, but I didn't want to overload you with the greatest songwriter ever).

So here are six albums that impacted or influenced me.

Oh, there could be six or sixty more. But these six will do for now.

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