A country icon was in town over the weekend and it looks like he had just as much fun as we did. Travis Tritt seems to be a big fan of Duluth!

In April, it was announced that the country star would be headlining a show at AMSOIL Arena. The Grammy winner finally rolled into town on Sunday (July 10th) to a crowd filled with big fans, many rocking t-shirts with his face on them!

He also played for a long time! He sang a ton of his old hits as well as songs from his latest record. Not only that, but he also sang some covers from his heroes and paid tribute to Charlie Daniels, who he called one of his dearest friends.

Another highlight of the night, aside from his high-energy show, was that he mentioned Lake Superior! He said he has fished often on the lake and that got a ton of cheers, which is to be expected.

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You could tell that Travis Tritt was having a great time. He thanked his fans often and even paid tribute to our amazing veterans. He shared his excitement about the show on Monday (July 11th) with two separate posts on social media.

The first post, shared on his Instagram page, was posted shortly after the show. He shared a series of photos from the show. In the caption, he thanked fans for welcoming him back to Minnesota and said that it was a great crowd.

In the second post, he shared a video from his show in Duluth. He said that wanted to share the "excitement" he felt during the show. The video definitely conveys that!

You can tell in the video he was having the time of his life and you could also tell on stage! He was jumping around and full of energy the entire show. If you haven't seen him in person, I would highly recommend it.

Travis Tritt will be joining Chris Janson for a co-headlining tour later this year. By the looks of his social media accounts, he has already had a pretty busy summer playing festivals and shows all over the place.

On a side note, it was the first time I had been to a concert at AMSOIL Arena since before the pandemic. I forgot how much I missed it. I can't wait until the next one!

Travis Tritt at AMSOIL Arena

Travis Tritt headlined a Sunday night show at AMSOIL Arena in Duluth along with guests Derek Jones and also Mayen & The Birdwatcher.

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