Country Music has certainly had its share of 'novelty' hits.

With great creative talent and song stylists like Roger Miller and Ray Stevens, we've all sung along (and often laughed out loud!) with songs like 'The Streak', 'Chug-A-Lug', 'Guitarzan', 'Dang Me' and so many others.  From Ben Colder to Cletus T. Judd, country music doesn't always take itself so seriously.

And so it was (to a degree) when future Hall of Fame member Bobby Bare released a concept album called 'Lullabys, Legends & Lies'.  Each song on the album was written by one of the greatest songwriters in history Shel Silverstein, each track a 'mini-story' of its own.  Picture sitting around a campfire with a bunch of friends while Bobby Bare picks a guitar and sings....that's the gist of the album.

The album contained Bobby's only #1 hit, 'Marie Laveau', as well as the ever-popular 'The Winner'.  (By the way, elsewhere I've crowned this the 'Greatest Country Music Album Ever'.  If you can find a copy, get's a winner!)

But perhaps the most unusual single from the album was a song called 'Daddy, What If'.

While there have been many father/son, mother/daughter, father/daughter, mother/son & other 'family' duet's in country music history, this one is unique.

Recorded and released in 1973, 'Daddy What If' features Bobby with his son Bobby, Jr.  Recorded when Bobby Jr. was just seven years old, the song became a #2 country smash in 1974 (and was nearly a Top 40 Pop hit as well) and was a Grammy nominee.

By the way, before you check out this 'live' version with Father and Son, Bobby Jr. is now 54 years old and is a successful singer/songwriter/entertainer in his own right.  Bobby, of course, is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and one of the most legendary names in country music.

But here, it's Dad and Son singing a great Shel Silverstein penned hit, 'Daddy What If'.

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