I have to say right now that Bobby Bare is one of my all-time favorite country artists. And while millions were fans in the 1960s, thanks to the classic's like 'Detroit City', '500 Miles Away From Home' and so many others, I must confess I fell in love with the work of Bobby in the 1970s.

It was through Bobby and others that I 'discovered' Shel Silverstein. Primarily, it was Bobby and Dr. Hook that introduced me to Shel's genius with a pen and he became my second all-time favorite songwriter (Yes, Kris is #1). In fact, elsewhere I've written that, for me, Bobby's album 'Lullabys, Legends, and Lies' is the greatest country album of all time.

But it wasn't Shel that wrote one of Bobby's hits with an, uh, unusual title. Nope. It was another brilliant songwriter named Paul Craft. You may not know the name, but you'd recognize Paul's work in that he wrote 'Brother Jukebox' for Mark Chesnutt and a great novelty hit that Ray Stevens had 'It's Me Again, Margaret', as well as others.

But I'm straying from the subject here. So back to Bobby...

It was 1976 and Bobby had released the album 'The Winner and Other Losers', and yes his great classic 'The Winner' is on that album. But so was another fun nugget, a song that went Top 20 for Bobby as well. And it had a strange song title. A title that is guaranteed to make you smile. But underneath that smile is a message, delivered in that most unique way by Bobby Bare.

So here it is, Paul Craft's 'Dropkick Me, Jesus' by the Country Hall of Famer, Mr. Bobby Bare.

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