50 years ago this week, Johnny Cash went to number one on the charts with one of his very best albums, "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash".

By 1970, Cash was already a household name. In fact this was already his 33rd album (they released music at a much quicker pace back then). This one though, is a must listen for any avid Cash fan.

Not only does it have the classic duet "If I Were A Carpenter", (in which Cash and his equally talented wife, June won a Grammy award for in 1971), but it also has the first collaboration between Cash and legendary singer-songwriter, Kris Kristofferson. with the song, "The Devil To Pay". The two would later join forces again with "Sunday Morning Coming Down".

With hidden gems like "Travelin' Song" and "Blistered", this is Johnny Cash at his very best. So dust off that old LP, and practice some social-distancing with your friend, Johnny Cash today.

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