Let's make a quick list of what we spend money on. Fast food, alcohol, a new car, replacement sump pump, plants for the garden, diapers, dog food, clothes.  And I'm sure you could go on and on.

Now, how many of those things were necessary?  How many of these items do you regret spending your hard earned money on?

According to a new survey, you spend $4,500 a year on stuff you wind up regretting.  The most common things are unhealthy food, alcohol, and clothes.

The number one thing that both men and women regret buying is unhealthy food, like pizza or burgers. Number two for men is alcohol, number two for women is clothing.

The study also found the minimum amount of money people think they should be saving each month.  It's $215 - or $2580 a year.

What was your last impulsive moment and how much did it cost you?