Whether you're a big coffee drinker or drink it on occasion, recent reports show that people are spending too much money on their daily coffee.  Financial experts are making a point that people are better off putting $5 aside for a retirement fund rather than an ice caramel macchiato from Starbucks.

Here's the thing...I cannot function in the early hours without coffee.  I blame this habit on my internship because I worked on an early morning newscast.  My coffee order is simple: an iced coffee with almond milk.  The catch is I upload at least $20 on my Starbucks card on a bi-weekly basis.  I do have my own Keurig coffee maker that I use, but having ice coffee just gives me a better "morning boost."

Earlier Monday, Mark and I asked listeners how they like their coffee in the morning.  One person says she needs at least three medium coffees in order to get through the day.  Another listener adds that coffee is a must in the morning.  But there are days where they won't drink any.

What are your coffee habits? How much coffee do you have in a day, week, or even a month?

Source: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2019/07/coffee-financial-advice/594244/ 

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